meditation-teacherLearn a Tai Chi miniform with Russell Pond. This is the first third of the Wu Style Short Form. Wu Style Tai Chi is a great form to learn for health and healing. Its high and narrow stances are easier and more comfortable than other styles of Tai Chi and its smaller external movements create more movement inside the body than the larger external movements of other styles. The internal pressures produced are very beneficial for the internal organs and fluid systems of the body and the smooth relaxed way Tai Chi is practised soothes and heals the nervous system. This is why Tai Chi is recommended for health over more typical western exercises that can make you fit but not necessarily make you feel fully alive or resolve health problems.

See for more information or contact Russell on 07505 026541 or

All ages and levels of fitness are welcome, cost is £40 for 5 classes or £10 drop in.

Hope to see you soon!