You’ll never hate Mondays again! These Monday writing sessions are just what you need to focus on the week ahead and put a spring in your step!

Journalling and other forms of expressive and reflective writing are effective and simple ways to promote wellbeing. By simply freewriting within a time limit as well as having prompts ranging from photos, objects to questions, Nicky guides you to discover more about your inner self. Writing can help you to:

– Pay attention to what’s on your mind

– Focus on the core

– Bring to the fore ideas and solutions

– Bring clarity to an issue

– Make you more decisive

– Increase your motivation

– Reaffirm your values and beliefs

– Value yourself and the path you’re on

– Clear things out

The group will be small and supportive. After each writing we’ll have the opportunity to share – you are free to share (or not share) what you have written and discuss key points.

Nicky is a trained and experienced Writing for Wellbeing Facilitator, career coach, adult education tutor, business English coach and writer.

Come write with us.

Just see how powerful writing can be!

Nicky Torode