Russell PondHello my name is Russell Pond, I have trained in meditation and qigong (an ancient Chinese health system that includes tai chi) for 20 years and would love to share with you these wonderful ways of creating vibrant health and well being.

This class will most often be two Sundays per month. It will teach dragon and tiger qigong that will show you how to easily feel and move qi, various forms of meditation, and an extremely effective 10 minute qigong set for relief from back, neck and shoulder pain. Beginners welcome!

What is Qigong?
Qigong works both physically and energetically. Physically, you will learn how to lengthen and release the various soft tissues of the body in a soothing rhythmical way which feels much like getting a gentle massage. This brings relief from pain and heals many of the persistent health problems that come from stuck fascia (sheets of connective tissue beneath the skin). You will also learn precise body alignments for optimum health and powerful ways to get the fluids (blood, lymph, joint fluid etc.) of the body moving. The fluid systems of the body play a huge role in our physical and emotional health so being able to deliberately enhance their functioning is one of the greatest benefits of qigong.

Energetically I will show you how to experience for yourself what qi is (pronounced “chee”, qi is the Chinese word for life force or energy), how to feel qi in your aura, and how to move qi inside and outside of your body to really boost energy levels and heal discomforts and disease.

Cost is £10 (concessions available), more info at

To reserve your space, phone 07505 026541 or email